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Academic Advising


The Center for Life Calling & Leadership provides academic advising to all students still exploring their options in choosing a major. If you are in this category and are assigned to Dr. Millard or one of the Center's life coaches as your advisor, use the choices below to help you with your academic advising...

I would like to...

Talk to someone about choosing a major.
You will need to schedule an appointment with your advisor, or in the case of a pre-declared student, please contact the Center to schedule a Life Coaching session. (For more information about this option, please see the "Life Coaching" or "Personal Assessments" sections of this website.

Choose or change my major.
When changing from a pre-declared major to a declared major, it is always best to speak with the department in which you will declare (i.e, Marketing, speak with the Business Department). They will have the knowledge and insight to help you schedule classes accordingly. However, you will need to let the Center for Life Calling know that you are declaring a major so that your records within the Center can be updated and archived.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please call (765)677-2520.

Register for Class.
Once you have selected a class or classes that you would like to register for, please pick up the correct form in the Registrar's Office and bring it to the Center so that it can be signed by your advisor.

Add/Drop Class.
To add or drop a class, you may pick up a form within the Center and have it signed by your advisor. You will then be responsible for taking it to the Registrar's Office so that it can be processed.

Declare a major.
This procedure is very similar to choosing and changing your major. If you need additional assistance with this, please contact the Center at (765)677-2520.

Steps for How to Declare a Major/Minor

By the Pre-Declared Student Council

  1. Use the biographical sheet (yellow) in your registration packet to mark out your previous major(s)/minor(s) and write in your new major(s)/minor(s). Or, fill out the form (pink) in the Registrar's office if it is not during the registration period.
  2. Contact the academic division that your new major(s)/minor(s) is housed under to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss scheduling courses for your next semester based on your new major(s)/minor(s). 
  3. About a week after submitting your request to the Registrar's Officecheck your degree audit online and verify your changes. If your change(s) is not listed, repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. After verifying the change(s) on your degree audit contact the Registrar's Office to find out your appropriate advisor(s). Consider contacting your advisor for further information.

 Get help with an academic petition.