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Life Calling @ Indiana Wesleyan University
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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a professional partnership between coach and client that is focused on a holistic approach promoting the process of understanding and living out one's life purpose.

Life Coaching is not Counseling
Life Coaching is not clinical counseling. Some of the most significant differences between counseling and coaching are related to its orientation and focus.  While both fields are broad in their application, below are some of the most prominent distinctions:

Counseling Coaching
Oriented toward healing & brokenness Oriented toward health, wholeness, and potential
Restores and maintains stability and functionality Embarks on a journey toward fullness and calling
Focused on insight regarding the past and how to relieve pain Focused on the future and how to pursue passions and dreams
Usually includes a DSM diagnosis and treatment plan Usually includes establishment of personal goals and measures progress toward objectives
Counselor is generally seen as an expert that can provide intervention, insight, and advice that could not be gained without the counselor's help Coach is generally seen as a partner, guide, and catalyst in the client discovering their own calling and defining their own way to make progress toward their objectives

Life Coaching is not Consulting or Advising
Life coaching is not consulting or advising.  While little research has been published on this distinction in comparison to the differences between counseling and coaching, the contrasts should be made clear, especially when working in higher education and the corporate world.

Consulting/Advising Coaching
Focus on present and future success in a specific area of focus (i.e. mastery of a skill, educational/financial planning, etc.) Focus on present and future performance and effectiveness throughout a broad range of life issues (i.e. fulfillment of passions, dreams, and personal objectives from a holistic perspective)
Often oriented toward providing specific steps of action for the client to perform with a confidence that if those steps are followed a definite outcome will result Often oriented toward promoting good decision-making and gathering of tools that will continue to serve the client in their future endeavors and life objectives
Methodology is directive and authoritative in nature Methodology is supportive and facilitative in nature
Professional is generally an expert in a narrow field offering advice for achieving a specific need Professional is generally skilled in providing information and resources for the client from a broad range of fields and networks

Our services of life and career coaching are FREE for IWU students and employees. Grant Country residents also receive free services.  To arrange a life coaching appointment, call (765)677-2520 or email us at clcl@indwes.edu.